Range 3 – 150 Yard, Multipurpose Range

“The Steel Monster”

From zero to 150 yards and beyond, there’s no better range

Range 3 addresses the core skills required by every operator to survive and succeed from point-of-contact to 150 yards out with pistol and rifle – arguably the most important range skills in combat. Range 3 is nicknamed, “The Steel Monster” because of the sheer amount of AR500-520 brinell steel. Four industrial strength tracks and six trolleys span the 140-foot width of Range 3.

The Range Master controls Range 3 with the latest wireless touch-screen control from up to one mile away. They can instantly run a whole course of fire, and just as easily initiate a chaos drill where operators are required to make split second decisions on shooting or not.

  • Each of 40 firing lanes has a turner plus two head plate arrays, a steel torso and up to four runners. Runners can be steel or paper, threat or non-threat.
  • Each head plate (two per firing lane) is able to present a bank of six 8- inch reactive head plates that provide instant audible feedback, just like the steel torso targets.
  • Paper turners can either face or edge you, helping to train target discrimination in shoot or no-shoot scenarios.

The runners are capable of moving cut-outs such as a vehicle to create a hostage scenario for sniper training. A tower is conveniently located about 300 yards away.

Steel provides instant feedback that operators require to know if what they’re doing is right. Without audible or visual conscious feedback, there is no opportunity to build subconscious memory. Operators are able to develop superior and instinctive involuntary reflexes instead of relying on a conscious thought process — all while avoiding collateral damage.