Multi-Tower, HLZ & DZ, and 300 Range

Safe and Ideal Environment for Critical, Fundamental, Multidiscipline Skills Training

Clients tell us the dual Towers, 30-Acre HLZ and DZ and 300 yard range create one of the best training environments they’ve ever experienced. The Towers’ proximity to both Range 3 and 4, the two Shoot Houses in the Urban Combat Compound, and the Middle Eastern MOUT Complex facilitate training that is difficult/impossible to duplicate on most other government or private facilities. They provide a safe, unique and relevant environment designed to significantly enhance mission and survivability prior to engagement in active theaters of operation.

T1G has multiple certified HLZ’s on the facility. These HLZ’s are strategically located throughout the site affording numerous insert/extract locations during onsite full mission profile exercises. The onsite certified Drop Zone has a 9 second release window. Both Static Line and HALO Airborne operations can be conducted.

Both the 2- and 5-Story Towers’ multipurpose tactical design and proximity to the adjacent two story Breach Houses provide critical fast-rope training with multiple firing positions from several levels. The Towers provide multiple hook & climb, high angle rescue/recovery, and high-line transfer capabilities with primary, secondary, and tertiary anchor points to support technical rescue, rappel, and ascension system/profiles. Their off-set positions serve as the 325 yd. and 350 yd. firing points for Range 4.

The Towers can be de-conflicted to support stationary and moving target engagement courses of fire on both Ranges 3 and 4. With T1G prequalification in support of culminating STXs, you can conduct simultaneous sniper initiated assault, pre-selected target reduction (PTR), and over-watching sniper support profiles on the Shoot Houses in the Urban Combat Compound (385 yd. shot). Prequalified skilled snipers can shoot targets of opportunity and PTR profiles in the Afghani Village (985 yd. shot) for relevant cross corridor precision applications. (T1G pre-qualification graded course-of-fire required prior to attempts)