Breaching & Dynamic Entry

T1G Breaching Philosophy

Dynamic Entry Requires a Rapid, Successful Breach

T1G employs the use of Current Force equipment that supports relevant operations in multiple conflicts/theaters around the globe. The physics, strategies, and tactics are equally relevant to Law Enforcement and SOF, OGA Specialty Teams.  We use only time-tested and operationally proven tactics, techniques, and procedures.

T1G’s breaching programs provide the knowledge and skill to make dynamic entries through various targets using the most proven current explosive, mechanical, thermal, or ballistic breaching techniques.

Performance is instructor-evaluated through multiple live breach iterations and individual AAR’s. Expert staff and on site resources facilitate training and exercise scenarios that are highly relevant to the dynamic entry needs of Special Operations Forces. T1G is capable of hosting your most unique breaching requirements and mission profiles. Zero noise/fire restrictions and Federal, State, and Local deconfliction support advanced training scenarios that operators may require.

Dedicated breaching classrooms and multiple breaching-related assets are closely located which eliminates downtime for shuffling or transport. This all lends to an expert training scenario that provides maximum hands-on experience and maximum return for your budget. Your T1G liaison can tailor specific training packages as required.