Confined Space – Collapsed Structure Trainer

Invaluable, Realistic, and Relevant Training Experience

The CS/CS Trainer is designed to allow the most realistic training in an academic, controlled environment. It is designed with specific tasks and scenarios that have been developed from over 10 years of actual combat operations. The trainer allows multiple small teams to function at the same time in worst case scenarios that emulate domestic or combat environment. Serves as an elevated shooting platform for Ranges 3, 4, and the Urban Combat Compound, and the 30 acre Military MOUT.

  • 11,500 cubic feet of operational space
  • Multiple openings less than 24”
  • Multiple openings greater than 24”
  • Multiple entries: elevated or non-elevated
  • Openings located on the top sides and bottom of the confined space trainer
  • Multiple locations with or without obstructions
  • Access: Horizontal and Vertical
  • The ability to add smoke, light and noise
  • Elevated shooting platform