100% Readiness in Less Time


Turnkey Training Solutions and/or Facility Rental


T1G can meet and exceed your training requirements in one location. T1G Memphis is the ideal solution to compress white space for your multidiscipline training. We strive to execute the finest training experience by sustaining the unit’s operational tempo and supporting the mission profile. T1G is unwavering in our commitment to your operational success and providing a cost effective training solutions.

Most clients leverage T1G’s multi-discipline training capabilities with customized curriculums and events. Training can be geared to spin-up operators and clients for Pre-Deployment, or prepare for actual Pre-Mission / Full Mission Profiles.

Law Enforcement and OGAs are able to tap into a wide spectrum of T1G’s capabilities as well, including medical training, reactive shooting, and CQB.

T1G is 100% Federal, State, and Local deconflicted with zero fire/noise restrictions and able to host around-the-clock evolutions and night training.