Range 4 – 300 Yard 270° Multipurpose Hogan’s Alley

Supports all practical fire & training scenarios

Range 4 can safely host a force of 100. Whether mounted or dismounted, TTPs are exercised with scenario focused Live Fire or simunitions exercises in order to refine, enhance, or validate the force’s SOPs and Immediate Action Drills. These unique range capabilities are enhanced so that units that train on worst case scenarios. Full Mission Profile Situational Training Exercise (STX) to include movement to contact, contact, immediate action and break from contact drills, are safely and efficiently exercised on Range 4.

T1G’s 5-Story Tower is deconfilcted to leverage Range 4’s full capabilities.

  • Approximately 210,000 square feet
  • Safely supports up to 100 shooters
  • Four vehicle access points allow shooting from a moving or static vehicle
  • 45 pneumatic targets
  • Configurable with multiple static and steel target arrays
  • Ideal for large groups engaged in Round-Robin style training
  • Designed for mobile fire and maneuver via foot or vehicle
  • Simulate urban environments with target vehicles and movable building facades
  • Facilitates 360º “off the X” training scenarios with simunitions
  • Intermediate range immediate action drills and moving vehicle drills
  • Pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rifle up to 50 caliber
  • Supports non-fragmentation practice projectiles