Range 2 – 75 Yard Multipurpose Range

Fast-turning targets qualify and score reaction time.

T1G’s Range 2 is the ideal environment to vet a shooter’s reactionary rifle skills. (T1G Rogers Range is the choice for pistols.)

Range 2 is a 75 yard range with 20 lanes. Each lane presents targets remote controlled by the Range Master that turn in pairs from two to 20. Lateral movement across the range as well as point-of-contact to cover-and-conceal barricade skills are required fundamentals on Range 2 – just like in theatre.

Targets turn and “appear” for a short time before “turning” sideways again. Threat/no threat discrimination reaction times can be scaled down to .5 seconds from edge to face. Ron Wilson, owner of U S Target Technology supervised the target installation.
Range 2 drills in the basic skills required in the T1G Shoot Houses, and offers remedial support for those not quite proficient.

Supports Threat/Non-Threat Discrimination

  • 75 yard Multipurpose Single-Direction Range with 20 Lanes
  • Pneumatic, computerized 90º turning targeting system
  • Assess capabilities and vet group’s skill sets quickly
  • Address deficiencies in speed with threat/non threat discrimination
  • Supports pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rifle up to 7.62mm