2-Mile Rally-Style Unimproved Roads Track WPS Certified

  • Bank, blind, and high / low-speed corners with increasing and decreasing radii
  • Speeds of 60+ mph
  • Multiple surface variants and transitions
  • Elevation inclines and declines (camel humps)
  • On- and off-camber banking
  • Groomed / maintained surfaces
  • Adjacent to 6 Mile Off-Road Track with Engineered Obstacles
T1G’s WPS Certified Rally Style Track replicates difficult environments that requires advanced driver skills to negotiate with speed, confidence, and safety. Designed especially to provide operators with expert instruction on moving quickly and safely through questionable terrain on realistic surfaces. Students learn to apply proven rally-driving techniques, such as left-foot brake modulation while increasing speed and more. T1G uses the proven training concept of repetitive cycling that engages of muscle memory and familiarization with vehicle behavior and feedback at maximum limits. This combination ensures drivers automatically react to hazards or threats in the best possible way.