1000m Known Distance (KD) Range

Carriage Type “Pits” Support Precise Data Collection & Confirmation

The KD Rifle Range is perfect for Sniper & Defensive Designated Marksman Teams to zero, collect and confirm data out to 1000m from raised firing points graduated in 100m increments. Firing points and pits support up to 11 two-man (shooter & observer) teams per relay for day / night precision courses of fire / training sessions.

  • Range Pits area has conventional target carriages for safe precision manual shot marking with 1”, 3”, & 5” spotters
  • KD Range supports Lateral Moving, Stop & Go, and Limited Exposure Bobbing Targets for development / refinement / confirmation of individual shooter’s leads on moving targets when run manually by their Pit crew
  • Range supports Carbines and Rifles from 5.56mm up to the newer .338 Lapua / Norma Magnum platforms