Pre-Deployment Training for SOF and Conventional Special Purpose Forces


Customized Multidiscipline Training


Custom Multidiscipline Pre-Deployment Training for SOF and Conventional Special Purpose Forces

Capabilities: 12 to 300+ Operators

Pre-Deployment training executed at T1G is designed to maximize your valuable training time. The costs associated with travel to several venues to meet deployment train up are completely negated, saving you a tremendous amount of travel, hotel expenditures and most importantly, TIME.

T1G is committed to meet and exceed all of your Pre-Mission Training requirements in one location, providing the ideal solution to compress white space for your multidiscipline training requirements. We strive to execute the finest training experience by sustaining the unit’s operational tempo, supporting the mission profile. T1G is unwavering in our commitment to your operational success and providing you cost effective training solutions.

T1G’s 777-acre complex is purpose-built and able to support a full array of critical training and exercises. We’re equipped to handle groups from 12 to 300; meaning Multiple Small Units up to Special Forces Group elements to maximize time.

Pre-Mission Training Offerings: Customized Situational Training Exercises, Field Training Exercises, Full Mission Profiles – any multi-discipline scenario-based training for your specific mission

  • Mobile Force Protection/Advanced Performance Driving/Off-road
  • Driving/Protective Motorcade
  • Customized FTXs, FMPs — scenario-based training for your specific mission
  • Mounted Operations/Military Convoy Ops
  • Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations
  • Vehicular Interdiction & Commandeering
  • Advanced Urban Combat/SFAUC
  • Sniper Ops
  • Direct Action
  • Convoy LFX
  • RUT
  • SERE
  • ASO
  • UAV
  • ISR
  • TTL
  • PSD
  • CSAR
  • Precision/Limited Scale Raids
  • Close Target Reconnaissance
  • Reconnaissance & Surveillance
  • Special Reconnaissance
  • Urban & Rural Assaults
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Cordon & Search
  • Sensitive Site Exploitation
  • Mass Casualty Exercises
  • Convoy Live-Fire Exercise
  • Satellite Targets
  • Advanced Skills Operations
  • Tracking Tagging Locating
  • Personal Security Detail
  • Combat Search and Rescue
  • Dog Training
  • additional Law Enforcement

Our ranges are easily accessible from our classrooms with team rooms co-located to maximize your training time. The ranges are designed to refine, develop and enhance those basic to advanced tactical skill sets needed to safely operate their primary and secondary weapons system. Enhanced speed and accuracy is the end-state. This is accomplished by continuing to build upon the operator’s existing foundation. The Operators abilities to safely perform to standard will be assessed both stationary and on the move. Abilities will be systematically enhanced while safely employing primary and secondary weapons systems concentrating on the weapons handling, tactical marksmanship and movement techniques critical to success. This is quickly followed by Breaching instruction in order to provide the assaulter with the knowledge, skills and confidence to gain rapid, positive entry into a semi or non-permissive target while maintaining the tactical and essential advantage of surprise. Many of the practical applications will be conducted under simulated combat situations on increasingly complex targets.

T1G provides support and subject matter experts to instruct Mobile Force Protection. This dynamic training is delivered at the T1G Memphis facility; both off road and hard ball track with a 270 degree live fire counter ambush range on the track. Operators will conduct the following tasks; Off Road Driving, Vehicle Dynamics (hardball), CIED/ commandeering executed in both military humvees and civilian sedans. We believe this to be the best purpose built 2.5 mile track, live fire is not unusual, it is expected.

T1G’s subject matter experts will aid in the development of the student knowledge base and will evaluate proficiency as required. T1G employs highly regarded SMEs in all required training disciplines that will be available to work with the unit in order to provide students with the necessary skills to perform mission requirements. These requirements are validated and tested as part of a full mission profile to include ASO tasks in our 30 acre Middle Eastern MOUT Complex.

The T1G Memphis training complex is purpose-built to provide and exceed your Full Mission Profile requirements and is an ideal solution for Tracking, Tagging, Locating and Sensitive Site Exploration with Opposing Forces or civilian role players. Signal Intelligence capable. Zero noise/fire restrictions and Federal, State, and Local deconflicted allows for low/no light work as well as around-the-clock evolutions in a versatile and realistic in-theatre environment incorporating multidiscipline components.