2x Urban Sniper Hides

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Two Urban Sniper Hides provide a superior training environment to conduct a wide array of multi-discipline exercises

Two Urban Hide structures are strategically located adjacent to the LZ/DZ, MOUT Village, Wadi, and Urban Combat Compound allowing for a wide array of situational training exercises. Each structure has two furnished stories with an attached tower, providing a variety of elevation options. The structures are fitted with multiple interchangeable planks that provide pre-existing loop holes, or solid so that the student needs to create their own. The Urban Hides are often utilized with sniper assisted assaults and breaches in the adjacent Shoot Houses.

Simultaneous Sniper Shots (3) are capable with the Elevated Shooting Platform, Towers, and/or Confined Space Trainer

The Urban Hide’s available targetry options include, but is not limited to:

  • Steel Swingers
  • Breast Plates
  • Head Plates
  • Hotel / Tango Targets
  • Special Effect Targets
  • Static Vehicle Hulks on Request