10 Acre Live-Fire Wadi

Purpose-built Wadi supports realistic Scenario Training for Operators and Medics.

The Wadi is uniquely positioned between the Live Fire Urban Combat Compound and 30-acre MOUT Complex with adjacent Helo Landing and Drop Zones. It is a superb environment for realistic Situational Training Exercises. The Wadi supports relevant scenario training for Pre-Mission/Deployment Training and Full Mission Profiles.

  • Simulate team rescue/casualty transport to safety under (Simunitions) fire, including airlifts
  • Realistic, challenging terrain for operators to practice live-fire driving scenarios, Pre-Mission Training, and Situational Training Exercises around the clock, leveraging T1G’s zero noise/fire restrictions
  • Facilitates explosives and vehicle IED work with any number of realistic explosive and IED scenarios

The Wadi supports all training disciplines:

Medicine – Teams rescue/transport casualties from the Wadi to safety while under (simunitions) fire, including air-lifts

Weapons & Tactics – Invaluable terrain for operators to prep and practice live fire driving scenarios, PMTs, STXs. around the clock 24/7 with T1G’s zero noise/fire restrictions

Breaching & Explosives – Working with explosives and vehicles, IED work, and any number of realistic explosive and IED scenarios

Off-Road Driving – The 10-acre Wadi and 6.5 mile Off-Road Track put T1G’s Off-Road Driving program over the top. Engineered obstacles provide a highly challenging environment and helps train operators rapidly