Customized H-60 Medical CASEVAC Trainer

A Dependable and Ideal Mobile Environment for Multidiscipline Skills Training with Smoke and Realistic High-Rotary Noise

The H-60 Medical Simulator is used to increase proficiency during the tactical evacuation phase of care. The advanced simulator will increase the realism of transporting patients from battlefield to a more secure location. The simulator has realistic high rotary noise and cabin size. The simulator allows the unit to configure the H-60 Medical Trainer as they would in the theater. The simulator allows for combat medics to treat patients aboard an actual moving H-60 CASEVAC platform during day or night operations.

The H-60 CASEVAC Trainer is a great alternative when aircraft cancel because of maintenance, weather, or unavailability.

The H-60 Medical Simulator has the same limits in cabin height, width, and length. It has a high power amplifier and speakers to introduce the aircraft noise. The aircraft interior lighting is white, green or red and uses high powered fans to produce rotor wash. All of these functions are controlled by a single PC. This allows the instructors to replicate the combat environment that they would experience in today’s theater and to increase the effectiveness of the training.