Force-On-Force CQB

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T1G’s NEW Force-On-Force CQB Sims Training Center

T1G opened the “Embassy” building in April 2017. This 9,375 sq. ft. facility features two stories with six stairwells, 1st and 2nd-floor entrances, 24 rooms, and 40 interior doors. It was purposefully designed to provide four 12-man stacks with realistic and relevant force-on-force training scenarios. 48 closed-circuit cameras record every area for review.

The Embassy is designed to be hellish – nothing about clearing the new T1G Embassy is easy. Each of the stairways differs in design. Interior doors open in opposing directions. Some hallways are narrow, some are wide. Hidden areas throughout the structure add another dimension of difficulty. The lavatory has four stalls and four urinals with dividing walls. There are small rooms, large rooms, rooms with multiple doors to opposing hallways. Sound, strobes, and light controls create additional distractions.

The Embassy sits in the Northwest corner of our 30-acre MOUT Village, adjacent to an LZ/DZ, and our 10-acre Live-Fire Wadi. It offers tremendous versatility for scenario development and Full Mission Profiles

48 closed-circuit cameras record every area for immediate after action review

  • Two Stories
  • 40 Interior Doors
  • 24 Rooms
  • Six Stairwells, all unique
  • Hidden areas
  • Multiple 1st and 2nd-Floor Entrances
  • Disco Ball / Strobe Lights
  • Master Control Room with master light/audio override switches