2.6 Mile High-Performance Live-Fire Track

On-Road Driving – WPS Certified

T1G’s WPS Certified driving track provides several benefits. Since the track was purpose-engineered specifically for a variety of driving training programs, safety issues have been considered and efficiently addressed at every turn. On site vehicle maintenance minimizes down time and saves time and money. The safe, secure, purpose-built driving track allows T1G to offer a quality solutions to support a variety of training needs.

This 2.6 mile high-performance track is expressly designed and purpose-built for live-fire and scenario-based training, facilitated by strategic placement of multiple berms at key choke points along the track. A 2,800 ft. straightaway supports high-speed maneuvers as well as landing/take-off for small aircraft.

  • Round skid pad featuring a built-in sprinkler system allows for wet and dry applications
  • 2,800’ straightaway allows vehicles to reach speeds exceeding 100 mph
  • 270 degree live fire counter ambush area attached to the track