T1G Medic Specialty Courses

The T1G Training Complex is uniquely resources to support and conduct Medical training and certifications.

Applied Battlefield Medicine (ABM) Is an intensive hands-on practicum for both medics and operators w/previous TCCC exposure(s).  This modular course can be designed to include preset missions from planning through extended care phases of operational assignments.  Student skills within their scope of practice, are delivered in challenging and lifesaving real world scenarios such as IED, Opposing Forces, Confined Space Collapsed Structure and / or High Angle Rescue situations requiring the utilization of patient extrication techniques and other highly realistic stressors. This course is best suited for a unit to attend together.  (Customized 8-40 hour syllabus’ available)

Vehicle Extrication Course (VEC) is designed to introduce, develop, integrate, enhance Operators knowledge, skills and ability to properly perform vehicle entry and extrication post-accident, and tactically during or post attack on the motorcade / convoy.  Emphasis is placed upon the proper procedures and systems to perform automobile extrication in a variety of settings and conditions.  Students will gain practical experience and apply the necessary skills to operate hand and power tools for the removal of windows, opening of doors, removal of roofs, pulling of steering wheels, moving of foot pedals, raising of dashboards, pulling of seats, stabilization of vehicles, and simulating the rescues of trapped occupants (principal and/ or personnel).  (Course duration is 4 days)

Combined High Angle Rescue Refresher & Extrication Course (HARR & E) – This combined syllabus is provided by SME’s primarily Pararescue personnel that have National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) certifications and real world experience in civilian and combat deployments. Standard equipment will be utilized to ensure familiarization and proficiency with gear available on deployments and during training. Basic rigging operations for high angle rescue as well as improvised/ hasty techniques will be covered with demonstrations and practiced by students.  The syllabus then proceeds to its next phase of training consisting of Confined Space/Collapsed Structure & Vehicle Extrication where unit organic equipment will be utilized to ensure familiarization and proficiency with gear available on deployments. Basic confined space/collapsed structure and vehicle extrication / rescue skills oriented on safe management / removal of a patient from military / civilian type situations will be provided with 4-6 hrs didactic, demonstrations and then practiced by students.  (Combined Course Duration is 4 days)

capcelogoThese continuing education activities are approved by T1G, an organization accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE).

T1G Core Competency Courses