Medic / Provider Level

Advanced Combat Trauma Training (ACTT) – Is our Medic to Provider level course based on the CoTCCC course approved by USSOCOM course and designed for the Medic as outlined in the PHTLS manual. While the course meets the outlined requirements, we exceed this by providing additional training to not only treat Point of Injury casualties, but to manage these casualties for up to 24-hours. Extensive scenarios provide situational experience and stress that greatly enhances student learning. 15 Basic/15 Advanced CECBEMS CEU’s are provided.  (40-hour course)

Advanced Combat Medic Course (ACMC) – Is our Advanced Medic level course designed for the experienced medic/corpsman/provider. It provides the advanced medical skills to aid in caring for unit personnel as well as, the combat casualty. It is the perfect course for the medic/corpsman/provider who might be receiving the casualty, assisting in a field clinic/BAS, or has to provide extended care due to MEDEVAC delay.  (40-hour course)

Prolonged Field Care Course (PFC) – Is our course designed for the Experienced SOF Medic / Corpsman or Provider.  The syllabus covers critical care for the medical or trauma patient and the evacuation process while operating in an undeveloped theatre with extended evacuation times. Enhanced capabilities will be derived from interpretation of laboratory, diagnostic, monitoring and pre-mission planning considerations. Advanced management techniques will be addressed as observed in recent theaters and trends throughout various medical communities. In depth instruction of subjects will be through didactic presentations, skills stations, and an extensive culminating practical exercise that will test the material covered. This course can be merged with other unit training in order to involve the entire unit during relevant portions of the training.  (50-hour course)


capcelogoThese continuing education activities are approved by T1G, an organization accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE).

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