T1G Advanced Energetics Course

T1G Advanced Energetics Training provides the Operator / Team Breacher / Master Breacher / Engineer / Officer with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to use and have a comprehensive understanding of how all explosives work and how they can be best employed. Designed / taught by Special Operations subject matter experts to meet the need of those selected for senior breaching and / or demolitions positions, this course is focused on giving the participants the knowledge to handle all explosives safely and the means to use the explosives available in their respective areas of operation to accomplish their assignments. Attendees repeatedly apply these technical lessons on a variety of target mediums during controlled applications of realistic breaching and destruction profiles – this repetition reinforces individual skills, while exposing them to operationally proven charges and techniques utilizing the standard and non-standard energetic materials they can expect to have access to while deployed in support of sanctioned efforts. Target approach, site selection, charge placement, commercial and non-standard explosives uses are extensively covered in this mastery level course. Upon completion of the course, graduates will be able to confidently and safely handle all types of explosives, understand BATFe procedures, select breach points, destroy or disable equipment / impede routes as necessary and employ / make the most effective and efficient explosive charge / device for the given assignment. (56-hour course).

T1G Core Competency Courses