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Prolonged Field Care – Beyond the Golden Hour

SOF Medics have essentially mastered the art and science of handling traumatic injuries. Our ability to rapidly move patients to a forward surgical team or combat surgical hospitals within an hour – the Golden Hour – has contributed to the lowest mortality rate in history. It all works well when Conventional Joint Forces are in full military operation in traditional warfare. As conventional force numbers increase so does access to care.


The last several years has seen in increase in Gray Zone activity where conflict is not resolved quickly and prolonged campaigns are more likely. AFRICOM is a prime example; for 3rd Special Forces Group, Africa is now their primary responsibility. The continent is over 11.5 million square miles and medical care and complications are significant in such a vast and harsh environment.

Distance is a problem. So are the tropical diseases within the area of operation. The focus of 18 Delta has been required to shift from trauma care to a more clinical aspect. It’s a different mindset and skillset for the entire team as they are required to provide lifesaving care in a prolonged environment to keep a patient stable and alive until they can reach the next level of care – or do what is necessary when the next level of care is not available.

T1G is taking the lead to provide relevant Prolonged Field Care training. Inevitably, aspects of PFC are included in most advanced medical training and courses, at the request of our clients. The slideshow above is T1G’s Unconventional Warfare Clinic built to support Full Mission Profiles.

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